a. In the context of the events organized by Esch2022, European Capital of Culture, located in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (hereinafter, „Esch2022“), Esch 2022 organizes the project „Future Frequencies“ (hereinafter, „Future Frequencies“) through which selected artists will be able to participate in creative and recording workshops led by Frank Wiedemann and Matthew Herbert, renowned European mentors, and in the opening concert of the cultural year.

b. Future Frequencies aims to reveal and promote talented artists who deserve to be recognized, as well as to offer selected candidates the opportunity to participate in a masterclass for music creation with renowned mentors.

c. Future Frequencies is open to all passionate composers, lyricists, songwriters, singers, musicians and producers (including bands), amateur or professional, regardless of age, nationality or place of residence, who produce works in the field of music. The selected candidates will be divided into two categories.

d. The only selection criterion taken into account is the artistic criterion.

e. From all applications received, 25 candidates maximum will be selected per category.

f. The selected candidates will be invited to participate in creation and recording sessions during the fall of 2021, as well as, in particular, in a final performance, the date of which will be determined at the end of the recording sessions.

g. No particular theme is imposed during the call for applications. The artists are free to present the works they want, without condition of themes, genres or label.

h. In these rules of participation (hereinafter, „Rules of participation“) and on the website in general, the use of the masculine gender to designate persons is intended solely to lighten the text and to identify without discrimination individuals of both sexes, and all individuals in general.

1. Call for applications

1.1. Personal space and dates

1.1.1. A call for applications is published on the website and announced on the internet in general.

1.1.2. To participate, candidates must complete an application form on the website, after having opened their personal space and created an account.

1.1.3. To avoid any confusion, it is requested to open only one account per artist.

1.1.4. The call for applications is open until June 09, 2021 23h59m59s. However, an extension of the deadline for applications until June 30, 2021 23h59m59s may be decided by Esch2022. No individual extension will be granted.

1.1.5. Applicants must not send anything by post to Esch2022 (e.g., mail, catalog, CD, or musical work).

1.2. Registration fee

1.2.1. Participation in the call for applications is completely free.

1.2.2. A candidate is entirely free to withdraw his application as long as the call for applications is open, i.e. before 09 June 2021 or, provided that Esch2022 has decided on an extension, before 30 June 2021. The applicant must simply notify Esch2022 of his/her decision to withdraw by contacting Esch2022 at and Esch2022 will acknowledge receipt. After this period, it is no longer possible to withdraw the application.

1.2.3. Any application that is incomplete at the closing date of the call for applications will not be considered by Esch2022. Please note that Esch2022 does not send reminders to applicants who have not fully completed their application by the closing date of the call for applications.

1.3. Application file

1.3.1. The application form must be filled in online on the personal account opened by the candidate. The application file is unique, a candidate can only submit one file.

1.3.2. Candidates may update their application file at will until the deadline for submission of applications set for June 09, 2021 at 23h59m59s, or, in the event of an extension decided by Esch2022, for June 30, at 23h59m59s.

1.3.3. The application file is composed of 3 parts: registration, administrative profile, artistic profile, with at least two works presented.

1.3.4. A candidate must present a minimum of two and a maximum of four musical works in his/her application file.

1.3.5. All applications will be studied by the selection committee.

1.3.6. As an indication, the website displays to the candidates the explicit mention „Your file seems complete“ as soon as the 3 parts of the file are filled in. Applicants are free to continue to complete and update their application until the last day of the call for applications, June 09 at 23h59m59s, or, in the event of an extension decided by Esch2022, June 30, at 23h59m59s.

1.3.7. Any candidate who provides false information, or who is not the author of the works submitted, or who makes insulting remarks about other candidates, the Help Desk staff, the final jury or Esch2022, or who has a disrespectful attitude in general, will have his application rejected and will not be allowed to submit a new application. If this is one of the selected candidates, another candidate initially eliminated may be selected to replace him.

2. Selection of candidates and selection committee

2.1. Selection of candidates

2.1.1. The selection of artists is carried out by the Esch2022 selection committee (hereinafter „the committee“) between 1 and 31 July 2021.

2.1.2. There are two groups of applicants: Composers, lyricists, producers, songwriters and a group of musical performers (including singers and musicians). From these two
groups, applications will be classified according to the four categories: Composers, producers, songwriters, performers.

2.1.3. The committee selects 25 artists from each of the two groups that it has noticed the most from a qualitative point of view, in order to obtain a selection of 25 candidates with different abilities.

2.1.4. The identity of the selected candidates is announced by Esch2022 on 1 August 2021. The announcement is made by email to the candidates.

2.1.5. The selection committee does not give an individual opinion on the applications but is responsible for identifying the deserving artists who have participated.

2.2. Esch 2022 selection committee

2.2.1. The members of the commission are appointed by Esch2022.

2.2.2. The commission is chaired by Nancy Braun, Managing Director of Esch2022. The names of the other members of the commission are not disclosed to the public to avoid any external pressure.

2.2.3. The members of the commission are, among others, drawn from the Luxembourg and European cultural and musical milieu and may be composers, musicians, performers, collectors and/or music-related professionals.

2.2.4. Each member of the committee certifies on his or her honour that he or she is not a family member of one of the candidates.

2.2.5. Esch2022 will forward the candidates‘ application files to the committee as of 1 July 2021.

2.2.6. The committee must review the candidates‘ applications and communicate its votes to Esch2022 by 31 July 2021.

2.2.7. The results obtained by the candidates are not made public.

2.2.8. The names of the selected candidates are revealed by Esch2022 on 1 August 2021. The announcement is made on the website, on social networks, and by email to candidates.

3. Conduct of the workshops

3.1. The creation and recording sessions will take place between September and
December 2021, mainly on weekends with individual sessions during the week.

3.2. The approximate duration of these sessions is 10 days.

3.3. The sessions will take place in Esch-sur-Alzette or on the territory of Luxembourg.

4. Copyright

4.1. Artists who have opened a personal space online remain the owners of all copyrights relating to the works and information contained in their application file.

4.2. Selected candidates participating in the MasterClass will assign free of charge, for the duration of the protection of the works and for the entire world, all copyright (moral – except for the right to have their name affixed – and economic) or related rights that they hold on their creation made during the MasterClass. The selected candidates will have to sign a contract with Esch2022 for the transfer of copyright and related rights. Because of the transfer of these rights, Esch2022 will be authorized to communicate the work to the public, to reproduce it on any type of support and to commercially exploit it through any means (including press releases, publications on the website, publications on social networks, musical support, etc…).

5. Personal data

5.1. Esch2022 ensures that no personal information is requested from applicants that is not genuinely relevant to the consideration of their application. Esch2022 is committed to processing in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

5.2. An information notice on the personal data processing is available here.

6. Postponement, cancellation, force majeure

6.1. Esch2022 reserves the right to postpone or cancel the „Future Frequencies“ MasterClass if circumstances so require, in particular if the applications received do not allow for a selection of candidates meeting the quality criteria of the selection committee.

6.2. Esch2022 shall not be liable for the consequences of any postponement or cancellation.

6.3. Esch2022 reserves the right to cancel the application of a particular artist without being obliged to provide a reason for the cancellation and without Esch2022 and its suppliers being held liable.

7. Applicable law

7.1. The Rules of participation are subject to Luxembourg law. Any disputes that may arise between Esch2022 and the candidates will be submitted to the competent courts of the judicial district of the City of Luxembourg. However, Esch2022 reserves the right to take action before any other competent court.

7.2. As the Rules of participation have been translated into several languages from
French, the French version is considered the authoritative version in case of dispute or possible translation error.

8. Acceptation

8.1. By participating, the artist acknowledges having read the Rules of participation, which he accepts expressly and without reservation.